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Pavstos Buzand 1/3 0010 Yerevan
Pavstos Buzand 1/3 0010 Yerevan

ONE SQUARE METER International Theatre and Performing Arts Festival was founded in 2006. The basic precondition of the festival is what its name suggests: A play on a one square meter stage. Time limit for each play is 45 minutes. There are no limitations of the genre, style contend and number of performers. Festival provides professional and technical assistance to participants, if requested. Stage and rehearsal time and space, as well as lighting and sound technician is provided free of charge. Past experience has shown that the limitation of stage size has stimulated in participants ingenuity, creativity, and adoption of interesting and fresh solutions. The Festival has turned into an opportunity for contemporary Armenian Theater to generate new approaches, views, as well as discover and develop new theatrical talent. In Armenia new and original theater are very few. In this respect “One Square Meter Theater Festival” not only accommodates new theater, but also promotes its creation and development. As a result the audience of the festivals encounters exclusively new and original works. The festival takes place at ACCEA/NPAK each year early in the month of November.

1. Performance/play is limited to one square meter stage.
2. Maximum duration: 45 minutes
3. No limitation on genre, number of characters.
4. NPAKTHEATRE will provide assistance.

Participants Choice / Festival’s GRAND PRIX
Participating directors vote for best director. Voting process can pass two second
stage if there are equally split votes. Participating director can not vote for himself / herself.
Best Director / Awarded by Jury
Best Actor / Awarded by Jury
Best Script / Awarded by Jury
Best One Square Meter / Awarded by NPAKTHEATRE

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