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The 17th edition of the International One Square Meter Theater and Performing Arts Festival, organized by the Armenian Center for Contemporary Experimental Art, has officially concluded. Over three days, nine directors and authors, along with more than 15 performers, captivated the audience with a myriad of emotions.

In wrapping up the festival, we extend our heartfelt congratulations to all participants who transformed experimental ideas into captivating performances. This year presented a substantial challenge as participants undertook the task of staging their plays in a manner that allowed for viewing from all four sides of a one-square-meter stage.

Our gratitude extends to our audience, participants, and our cherished special guests, Mariam Aloyan, Nune Danielyan and Hakob Balayan who provided invaluable support through their questions and guidance during the festival’s three days.

As the festival drew to a close this year, notable recognitions were awarded to Arpi Stepanyan for the performance “Madhouse”, to Nina Virabyan, Meline Gharibyan, and Milena Minasyan for the performance “Strife” and Maria Khachatryan for the performance based on William Shakespear’s tragedies. 

Evita Arakelian received the award “Square Performer of the Year” accolade for translating text into action and delivering a dynamic performance in “The Making of a Patched Heart.” Gayane Yeghiazaryan earned the prize “Square Director of the Year” for her innovative approach to the square meter stage in the performance titled “Square.”

The performance “Strife” by Nina Virabyan, Meline Gharibyan, and Milena Minasyan was acknowledged as the best by the festival’s participating authors. 

Additionally, Nour-Ani Sisseryan’s “Eve+Adam” received the prize “Square of the Year” and a monetary award from the R. Ben Art and Culture Foundation.

Congratulations to everyone involved, and heartfelt thanks to all. Looking forward to reconvening on the stage for the 18th One Square Meter festival next year.

NPAK, 2023

NPAK team