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1. The objective of AFAA is discovery of new names and faces in the arts, and providing them a platform for presenting their works.
2. AFAA is being organized based on principles of curatorial projects: The main project-exhibition, which will take place at NPAK, and simultaneous projects, preferably at venues outside NPAK. Hosting projects within NPAK premises is not entirely excluded.
3. AFAA is being organized not on the basis of types of art: fine arts, music, cinema, theater, literature, art criticism, architecture, etc. but on the basis of separation of principal and parallel projects.
4. NPAK recognizes the “Curatorial Selection” as the absolute right of the AFAA Principal Curator, without undermining its main commitment to issues and core functions as they relate to young artists.
5. The text-concept of the AFAA general project is the starting point and the basis for selection and creation of all artworks and parallel projects within the AFAA. Linkage between the concept of the main project with artworks and parallel projects can be provided both in terms of the thematic concept as well as by interpretations and references thereof.
6. Within the AFAA, creation of new works and projects on the basis of the main curatorial concept, is emphasized and encouraged.
7. NPAK’s Arts Council gives preference to the “beginners” and young artists in the selection of the General Curator of the AFAA, not excluding the presence of experienced curators and artists.
8. NPAK’s Arts Council reserves the right to create a separate project from the arts or parallel projects rejected by the AFAA Curator.
9. The Curator of the main project of the AFAA, together with members of the NPAK’s Arts Council, compiles the AFAA Arts Council, which is accountable for the process of implementation of the AFAA.

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