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Mutation 1) the act or process of mutating; change; alteration 2) a change or alteration 3) a change in the chromosomes or genes of a cell. When this change occurs in the gametes, the structure and development of the resultant offspring may be affected … 4) another word for mutant: physical characteristic of an individual resulting from this type of chromosomal change.
                                                                                                                                                         Lingvo 12

Social mutation as a condition of maximum deterioration of individual.
Social mutants.
Social mutation as patriarchate.
Social mutation as feminism.
Mutation resulted because of socium (social grouping).
Social mutation as stimulus of sexual dreams.
Socium resulted from mutation.
Social mutation as a rule.
Social mutation as an act of anarchism.
Social mutation as an exception.
Social mutation as a system of re-evaluation.
Social mutation as a necessity.
Social mutation as love of Jimmy Hendrix.
Social mutation as an etalon.
Social mutation as love of Karl Marx.
Social mutation as tradition.
Social mutation as love of Aram Asatryan.
Social mutation as uniqueness.
Social mutation as phony tendency of becoming phony “Jacky-Juky”.
Social mutation as alternative art.

Social mutation can be understood as a natural phenomenon of our society, with positive, negative or indifferent attitude of the public. Attitude which in reality is not as important as the fact that social mutation simply exists.

Concept of social mutation is quite wide and general theme fit for a separate study. However, it is very wide and convenient means for freely finding individual position. Infinite qualifications may be given to the quite abstract and not necessarily consistent understanding of so called social mutation. This can be done by diversifying the very concept of the “Alternative” project and making it more interesting.

Curator: Gor Yengoyan