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What do you do, how do you feel, how do you move when there is noise around you? The noise has become an extrimely important and an ordinary part of our lives. Everything consists of noise, even silence.
When you are calm and peaceful, the beating of your heart reminds you of the existence of noise. When you go to work, the barking of dogs, the sounds of cars, the conversations of passers-by …This all forms us and has influance on us more, than we think it has, it even directs us in everyday movements.
When it comes to the noise, which causes feelings of fear, tragedy or anxiety within us, everything changes. War, earthquake … all this is a noise we want to make silent.
“When the voices were silent” is a dance performance, where the choreographer and the dancers talk not so much about silence but about noise. As a performer, the body and movement become the subjects of study. During the performance, the dancers go deeper into themselves, striving to free their bodies from the influence of noise.
However natural this feeling may seem, as we have goten used to it, it is a part of our lives, sometimes we allow everything in our mind and body to be turned upside down.
The performers follow their natural instincts, working with each voice, deleting it and allowing their body to move differently. What will happen when the voices will be silent? Can it be an opportunity to feel and act differently?
Curator: Sona Hovhannisyan
Choreograph: Lusine Davtyan
Performers: “Lusil” Dance Theater.