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THE SPIDERWEB – Based on Anton Chekhov’s play A Multi-Media Performance – Spiderweb is our home, our residence, our homeland. We do not know the meaning of the weave of our very own web. We have been educated in the art of ignorance. We, the proud descendents of conformism, unite the monotonous silence of deafness, the darkness of blindness, and the quiet of dumbness against life. And we are happy. “SpiderWeb” is a play based on motives from A. P. Chekhov’s “Ward-Room No.6”, “Corporal Prishibeyev”, “The Fat One and the Thin One”, “Black Monk”, “Revenger” and the “Cameleon” novels. Cast Doctor – Edward Tatevossian, Guard – Edgar Azadian, On the Top – Arman Petrossian, On the Top – Margarian Nikolie, Crazy No. 1 – Arthur Petrossian, Crazy No. 2 – Eva Mardirossian, Crazy No. 3 – Movses Tatevossian, Crazy No. 4 – Gagik Souokiassian, Crazy No. 5 – Lilit Vahanian, Crazy No. 6 – Vahram Akimian, Crazy No. 7 – Anna Hagopian, Crazy No. 8 – Ani Petrossian, Crazy No. 9 – Inga Mikaelian, Crazy No. 10 – Susanna Amirjanian, Spiders – Balloons
NPAK 2001