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Քաթ/Chat in the Artsakh dialect means conversation, is also used in the meaning of a fairy tale. The exhibition presents photos taken by Anahit Hayrapetyan in Artsakh in different years, mostly in Hadrut and villages, as well as archival photos taken by different photographers: Asatur Hayrapetyan, Sasha and Zhora Ghazaryans, and others.

After the last war, most of the photos were left in Hadrut, people could not take the albums with them for houses, people have photos puted on social networks or saved in the phone.

Anahit, who was born in Hadrut, with the help of relatives, friends and acquaintances, has collected and digitized photos transferred from Hadrut to Armenia in previous years, which we present to you. The exhibition is a Chat/conversation with the viewer, the people in the photos talk to each other, to the early past and the past, to you. The author is grateful to all those who trusted their photos to collect the archive.

The exhibition is sponsored by Edwin Ghulian and Shake Havan.
Initiator: Shakeh Amirian Petrossian.