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Hamlet Hovsepian 

Solo exhibition


The artist today lives in a different reality, wavering and delicate, where “the resting myth of mankind” has tired of fierce hunt of new images. There, as Nietzsche put it, everyone can create his tale.

“Metaphysical restlessness” for truth is unique to Hamlet’s art, in difference to illusionism of classical art, which is not the truth, but rather its presentation (the theater), in spite of the interest of classical art in beauty and harmony, as historical avant-garde believed to be artificial. Hamlet is follower of this. The unifier of the latter with artist is the clarity, but that too has different quality: the tone of naiveté. His art, in difference with culture and tradition is not trying to deceive the nature; maybe to the contrary it permits the nature to outwit him. 

Curator:  Susanna Giulamirian

February 9 – 28,   2005