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A Group exhibition of Political Art

Participating Artists

  • Sona Abgarian
  • Mher Azatian
  • Lousine Davidian
  • Diana Hakobian
  • Tigran Khachatrian
  • David Kareyan
  • Hovhannes Margarian
  • Karine Matsakian
  • Astghik Melkonian
  • Tsomak
  • Arthur Zakarian


The exhibition POLITICS UNDER 180օ is about political situation and not of politics; it is about a political situation with diversity of its problems. This  diversity is possible only if art doesn’t identify itself with the politics. Thus art with all its creative potential contributes to freedom and tolerance, which are meaningful only in diversity. POLITICS UNDER 180օ is an attempt to make a unique model of this diversity, where diversity of generations, artistic means and problems are united in a broad context of political situation. For without this unifying context the diversity itself will loose its meaning and will turn into an unintelligible mess.

Curator:  Vardan Azatian

September 10 – October 2   2003