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New Technologies in Painting

Participating Artists

  • Sona Abgarian
  • Vahram Aghasyan
  • Arné Balassanian
  • Sonia Balassanian
  • Gagik Cherchian
  • Edward Enfiadian
  • Archi Galents
  • Sharis Garabedian
  • Arman Grigorian
  • David Kareyan
  • Diana Hakobyan
  • Tigran Khachatrian
  • Hovhannes Margarian
  • Kariné Matsakian
  • Karen Ohanian
  • Sahak Boghossian
  • Ararat Sargsian
  • Arthur Sargsian

At the end of the 19th century technical reproduction of pictures forced many painters to reexamine their approach towards art.

In modern art there are many principles/means of subconscious action, recording and interventiom (collage, text automation, dripping, etc.) where the artist reveals what is otherwise ignored.

This distance between the artist and his/her work is nothing but the surrounding world, the intellectual observation of a system where naturally justified ethical traditions of “romanticism and cult of personality” are severed.

Artists participating in “PHOTO +” exhibition, by using new technologies are searching for new vistas in contemporary painting.

Their use of the new technology ranges from manipulation of photographs (Sharis Garabedian, Archi Galents, Vahram Aghasyan) to moving pichtures tending towards static posture (Sonia Balassanian, Diana Hakobyan, Sona Abgarian, Tigran Khachatrian, Sahak Boghossian), and reconfiguration of picture and material on two-dimensional surface (Arné Balassanian, Karen Ohanian, Ararat Sargsian, Hovhannes Margarian, Kariné Matsakian, Gagik Cherchian, Arman Grigorian, David Kareyan, Edward Enfiadian, Arthur Sargsian).

Curator:  David Kareyan

October 17 – Novembar 11,  2005