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Opening of “9+1” group exhibition

 In 1992, with the initiative and curation of Sonia Balasanyan, a group exhibition of 9 artists took place, which was called “Exhibition of 9”. The exhibition became the starting point for the foundation of the NPAK.
Thirty-one years after the “Exhibition of 9”, the NPAK presents the “9+1” exhibition, the works of the participating artists on the one hand create a dialogue with the exhibition of 9, and on the other hand, they are innovative and experiential for the artists themselves.

Participating artists are:

  • Anna Gardieva,
  • Aram Zurabyan,
  • Arevik Aleksanayn,
  • Bela Poghosyan,
  • Edward Balassanian,
  • Hakob Balayan,
  • Mariam Aleksanyan,
  • Silva Chobanyan,
  • Sonia Balassanian,
  • Stella Grigoryan.

NPAK video archive presentation in MIJANTSQ hall


Live music at “NPAK Sculptures Park”

The following musicians participated in the electronic music concert:

    Experimental noise band utilizes modular synthesizers, loop tapes, samples from video and altered vocals to create musical patterns in real-time inviting the audience to participate in an immersive musical experience.
    A new media artist who works in a field of sound sculptures and installations using materials from hardware stores and DIY electronics.
    Melancholic improvisation, weird poetry, electroacoustic nightmare, strange fairy tales, ambient layered in tenderness, memories of non-existing places.

11. august


NPAK, 2023