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  • Opening of “9+1” group exhibition in “PATUHAN hall”
In 1992, with the initiative and curation of Sonia Balasanyan, a group exhibition of 9 artists took place, which was called “Exhibition of 9”. The exhibition became the starting point for the foundation of the NPAK.
Thirty-one years after the “Exhibition of 9”, the NPAK presents the “9+1” exhibition, the works of the participating artists on the one hand create a dialogue with the exhibition of 9, and on the other hand, they are innovative and experiential for the artists themselves.
Participating artists are:
Anna Gardieva,
Aram Zurabyan,
Arevik Aleksanayn,
Bela Poghosyan,
Edward Balassanian,
Hakob Balayan,
Mariam Aleksanyan,
Silva Chobanyan,
Sonia Balassanian,
Stella Grigoryan.
  • NPAK video archive presentation in MIJANTSQ hall
  • Live music at “NPAK Sculptures Park”

NPAK is pleased to invite you to the “nPAKing” art evening on 11 August, at 19:00, during which the opening of the “9+1” exhibition will take place, which will be accompanied by an open-air concert of electronic music.
Come together to talk about the establishment of NPAK, the exhibited works of the artists, electronic music and contemporary art in general.

The following musicians participated in the electronic music concert:

    Experimental noise band utilizes modular synthesizers, loop tapes, samples from video and altered vocals to create musical patterns in real-time inviting the audience to participate in an immersive musical experience.
    A new media artist who works in a field of sound sculptures and installations using materials from hardware stores and DIY electronics.
    Melancholic improvisation, weird poetry, electroacoustic nightmare, strange fairy tales, ambient layered in tenderness, memories of non-existing places.

NPAK, 2023