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Minas Avetissian

November – December 2001


Stepan Veranian  Narek Avetissian

Narek Avetissian

Transparent Borders

Public perceptions are confined in inter-media principles. It can be said that a new geopolitical map is being drawn. Creation and development of experimental art center, is bringing art closer to progressive models of electronic media. “NPAK” (Armenian acronym for the Armenian Center for Contemporary Experimental Art) is an institution, where borders between classic and experimental art transparent. Here, the issue is not reconstruction of history. Rather, it is juxtaposing achievements of different era by creating ideological structures. “NPAK” project of presenting Minas Avetissian’s works in the manner it is presented, probably is the first attempt of presenting the artist not only as an artist, but also to understand him in the context of global issues.

Stepan Veranian

Daylight Patches

It is Permissible to make Minas a Legend

Some “conceal” their wisdom, and play magnificent romantic games with each other. A feeling emerges of immediate trust for desirable, yet obscure imitation. Because, if it is permissible for the romantic hero, it must be permissible for them, also. We know the cost of this “permission”. By looking deeper, we understand the impossible, which is made possible by the light shed by Minas’ romantic hero. There is distance between “permission to create” and ” permission to be present” Permission is granted in such a space, which is formed by personal means expression, and which is not compatible whit any past experience. When we look at Minas’ work, we seem to understand them whit apparent ease. At the same time, we find ourselves in an incomprehensible situation, when we try to relate to them our “non-artistic” experiences. The impossible is made possible in a word where art is an activity, and is a quest for growth and development.