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project is Edgar AMROYAN

Solo exhibition

Exhibited works, although not very far from photography, are not hyperrealistic.  Like a slippery object they immediately slip off when you attempt to place them in the realm of photography or painting. This is helped by the dimensions of the canvases as well as the technique they are produced with. It is not by accident that just like “Socialist Childhood” of most of us, pictures are material but not tangible. Thus these works by refusing to be considered paintings acquire associative nature. It is also difficult to recall a childhood episode which would be possible to view as a simple painting. These parallels are the most important components of the concept of the exhibition.  

I would like to mention that selection of soviet era black and white photos emphasize the remoteness of the images, since they show representatives of the soviet generations, who directly broke and surpassed the world of objects surrounding them: objects contained in the photographs. 

“Socialist Childhood” became more nostalgic since we have bid farewell not only to childhood dreams, but also we have re-lived the repression of the socialist world.

Childhood, as this project, will always remain something between physical and metaphysical. 

As soon as you separate or include a canvas it will immediately either lose or gain its impact and conceptual meaning.

Thus canvases acquire “Magical Character”. 

Curator:    David Kareyan

Dec 12,  2006 – Feb 12,  2007