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Tigran Khachatryan

video installations

Institutions of repression serve to negate the natural human striving towards expression, and even restrain conditionally declared violence-the individual aggression-by redirecting the drive inwards. Trends of global production and marketing of art threaten individual creativity.

Tigran Khachatrian’s project under the general title “Instinct to Create” is a four piece video installation. It brings to the discourse of contemporary art the question of primary creative instinct as gateways to creativity. Does the instinct to create really exist? Richard Wagner’s music is as spontaneous and instinctive as the scream of the primate in panic. The presentation of the works from different aspects and levels touch on this central issue, and elicit the diversity of emotional and cognitive frames of perception accessible through the recognition of this primary drive: “The Instinct to Create”.

 Curator: Angela Harutyunian

May 27-June 21  2003