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IN THE ROOM, Cinema-theatrical synthetic performance, Based on the poem “Dantesque Myth” by Yeghishe Charents The man in his room, in his thoughts, in his memories. “The Room” is a venue. One of the millions of caves of the Planet Earth. Who lives in this cave? A man. A man against himself, in endless debate with his own reflection, continu ously reliving himself — Danteesque illusions of his human myths, where there is no concept of Time, or Space, and no Fail or Ascent. There is absolute Nothing, where are only components of nothing: his Past, his Present, He. Cast Edward Tatevossian, Souren Arakelian, Vahram Akimian, Gayane Yeghiazarian, Ella Shamoyan, Margarita Harutiunian

NPAK 2002