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Edward Balassanian,  Curator

Participating Artists

Shakeh A. Petrossian
Anushavan Hovhakimian
Vram Hakobian
Artashes Stamboltsian
Arpa Hagopian
Sonia Balassanian
Karen Mirzoyan
Albert Babelian
Sargis Virabian
Anahit Hayrapetian
Armen Ter Mkrtchian
Arthur Mryan
Narek Khechoian
Kamyar Kojouri
Grigor Khachatrian
Narine Zolian
Armen Hagopian
Larissa Katassanova
Archie Galents

This exhibition is Armenian photographers’ reflection upon ‘Face à Faces: Portraits/ Autoportraits’  exhibition held at ACCEA/NPAK during months of October and November, 2006, in the framework of Year of Armenia in France (September 21, 2006-July 14, 2007) which was organized in cooperation with the Embassy of France in Armenia.
The French exhibition was put together by “Arts Evènements” organization of France and was curated by Isabelle de Montfumat. It is a traveling exhibition that started in Scotland, UK, then to Stockholm, Sweden, and the third stopped here in Yerevan, Armenia. Except for Yerevan in each of the venues the exhibition was coupled with local photographers’ works of the host country, which enriched the exhibition, gave it stronger impetus and made it unique at each stop. This suit was not followed in Yerevan. Therefore ACCEA/NPAK decided to follow the French exhibition by an exhibition of Armenian artists works called “Face à Faces Arménie”.

Two overall principles were adopted at the French exhibition, which have been followed at the Armenian one: First, each artist has been presented by a “series” of works, which represent artist’s individual vision and approach towards a specific issue. No photograph has been included due to its singular or noteworthy quality. Second, the definition of “portrait” has been expanded from the traditional; a representation of a face or facial expression, to a more open concept, deeper and layered content. Most of Isabelle de Montfumat’s above-mentioned attributes and more have their reflection in the Armenian entries.