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The performance is based on poetical understandings of Butoh, Baltic culture and Zen. The audience has been invited to take part in the magic theatre ritual – birth of the new culture, struggle and purfication. We look for universal human essence beyond cultural borders – in human body, mytho-poetical heritage, visual images, ancient – archetypical structure of Baltic sign (ZIME) and images of Armenian ancient gravestones, as well in the soul of music.

It is a clear state of mind which creates movement quality. It’s like meditation – emptiness – nothingness. We feel impressed by butoh empty and universal body. When it goes out of boundaries, emerges it’s essence of human being.

Human’s life is happening between two secrets in both he is not taking part – Conception and Death. Creation of new consciousness and time of death is happening in non-conscious way, not depending on human’s desires.

Human’s thoughts relate to his origins are mixed with the trial of conception, where physical and spiritual body were connected. Sexuality is not possible to define “here and now”, because it relates towards ancient past. In ancient believes the Earth is like a melting point for Life and Death.

Director, light design – Modris Tenisons (Latvia)
Video artist – Gita Straustina (Latvia)
Butoh artists: Simona Orinska (Latvia), Yuri Kostanyan (Armenia)
Duduk Harutyun Chkolyan