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Participating Artists

  • Lianna
  • Anna Hakobyan
  • Mher Azatyan
  • Misak Khostikyan
  • Astghik Melkomyan
  • Artak Boghossyan
  • Lousineh Davidyan
  • Hovhannes Margaryan
  • Grigor Khachatryan
  • Arpi Adamyan
  • Meri Amirkhanyan
  • Azat Sargsyan
  • Zhanna Babaiyan
  • David Faradyan
  • Hasmik Avagyan
  • Armineh Amirjanyan
  • Ani Semerjyan
  • Marianna Hovhanissyan
  • Gayaneh Sholakyan
  • Armineh Hovhanissyan
  • Samvel Baghdasaryan
  • Azatouhi (Tatev) Mnatsakanyan
  • Susanna Gulamiryan
  • Vartan Jaloyan
  • Ali AnsariTsomak
  • Varya Mousaelova
  • Karine Matsakyan

The space in which we live bears the stamp of the downfall of the Soviet Empire, a collapse which has been going on for well-nigh two decades. ‘’Collapse” doesn’t only stand for ruins –though the post Soviet space is in no way short of these- and may be of a less exposed character. The reality of downfall assumes that the society should want to exert efforts to bring the process the halt, whereas in our space more efforts are actually being made to draw a veil over it. This process of concealing “collapse” may conditionally be given the name “Euroremont”*. Behind the alien stratum, made to the likeliness of the Western standards of the affluence of the prosperous class, and behind the applied plaster of “Euroremont” the traces of a decaying existence are growing more visible. On account of this set of circumstances the notion of “Euroremont” becomes rather ironic. In point of fact, the notion of “Euroremont” doesn’t exist in Europe itself, however is very adequate for the depiction of all the changes that have been taking place in the post-Soviet space, in Armenia as well.

*A term alluding to European style/standard renovation

Curators:  Susanna Gulamiryan, Vartan Jaloyan

September 13 – 27,   2005