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How does contemporary art make us think about the present but also the future?

It is the question of considering the modalities of the experience of the contemporary through time and space of creation, both material and immaterial, and their influence on artistic practices. But also, to question the roles that art and its actors can assume (artists, art critics and curators, institutions, etc.) as through them new forms of relations with the world emerge.

 Diane Der Markarian is an art historian and critic living in Paris, France. A graduate of the University of Aix-Marseille, the École du Louvre and Sciences Po (The Paris Institute of Political Studies), she went to a study trips to Switzerland and Canada, and dedicated her research thesis to a monograph of Israeli artist Michal Rovner (1957-). From March to April 2022, she participated in the ‘Art Commune’ residency program organized by the Art and Cultural Studies Laboratory in Yerevan, Armenia. She was a member of the Young Critics group from 2016 to 2021, and co-founded the association YACI – International Young Art Criticism in 2019. She has worked in various museum institutions in France and abroad, as recently at the Modern and contemporary art museum of Saint-Étienne Métropole.