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Gallery of Armenia – Diaspora Contemporary Art

Permanent exhibition

Inisiator: Sonia Balassanian

From inception one of the main objectives of NPAK has been facilitation of dialogue between contemporary artists of Armenia proper and Armenian Diaspora.
The Grand Hall as well as David Kareyan Hall has been allocated for this purpose and was named “Gallery of Armenia – Diaspora Contemporary Art”. The gallery is a dynamic one; works presented are selected by the artistic staff of NPAK and will be partially “refreshed” periodically.
It is important to note that the presented works are actually a “snap-shot” of the curators’ impression of Armenian contemporary art at a specific time and space, an experiment of sorts.


Sonia and Edward Balassanian.

Coordinator: Bela Poghosyan


  • Aleksandr Avagyan
  • Ara Haytayan
  • Arthur Sarkissian
  • Arevik Aleksanyan
  • Aram Zurabyan
  • Bela Poghosyan
  • Kima Gyaraqyan
  • Hamlet Hovsepyan
  • Marcos Grigorian
  • Narine Isajanyan
  • Sam Grigorian
  • Samuel Abgaryan
  • Silvana Chobanyan
  • Sonia Balassanian
  • Vardan Harutyunyan

Poster by Araz Bogharian


NPAK, 2024