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First benevolent             Exhibition-sale of computer made painting

Aram Ivanian is different from young people of his age. He has difficulty communicating and cannot protect his rights… Aram possesses a unique inner world, which is not distorted by daily needs and worldly desires.

Aram’s comprehension of the world is from his unique vantage point. He communicates with us, and shares his emotions and dreams with us, as well as with the World and the Universe surrounding him, by reflecting upon virtually all aspects of life through his wonderful computer graphics and paintings


His works are of various styles and very often are spontaneous.

Aram took up computer painting in 1999 at “Astghik” Union. None of us taught him and none of us impeded upon him, we were only encouraging him to produce.


Once I asked Aram, whether he would like to contribute his painting to those who will be willing to construct the “Home of Hope” center, where young people like him will receive full-time and complete care, and will be able to perform their skills and communicate with each other. Aram agreed ad we decided to organize the first exhibition of his paintings

This solo exhibition, which is unprecedented in Armenia, proves that any disabled child can express himself or herself. The state and the society should aim at providing corresponding conditions and possibilities.

My firm conviction is that we have much to learn particularly from such children. This is a unique opportunity for so called “full” members of society to become full citizens of the World…

Curator:  Levon Nersissian

President of “Astghik” Disabled Children’s Parents’ Union

May 7 – 24, 2003