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Stella Grigoryan

” MIJANTSQ ” hall
Curator: Anya Eganyan

Stella’s work explores the theme of memory and its life cycle.
Each metal object is a year of artistic activity, which is destined to dissolve, sink into oblivion and disappear.

 Fragments of iron debris, covered with the rust of time, are memories that cannot be recycled.
Representing every year since the beginning of Stella’s immersion in the world of art, these remnants of industrial life crash into the space of reality, tearing apart the fabric of the present, reminiscent of more than a decade of history of search, suffering and madness.

Stella’s creations, deliberately distorted and unprepossessing, do not fit into the space, just as the artist herself breaks out of the traditional framework of Armenian realities.

And so, narrating on behalf of an eternal outsider, Stella begins her story from 2009, which was marked by the beginning of her artistic path, and leads the viewer through the thorns of her personal experiences to the end point of her story – 2021.

The year in which she lives death in art and, leaving memories of the past, closes the door behind her.

Anya Eganyan, 2023

July 07 – August 07

NPAK, 2023