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“Hakob Kojoyan” Educational Complex carries out two different educational programs, which, being very distinct from one another, yet serve to supplement each other. Art, imaginative thinking and
cultural/spiritual values all help the student to comprehensively and completely absorb the public educational program, to understand the internal, invisible connection and interdependence among life
phenomena, nature and the society, as well as their causes and consequences by which the development of human mind and the variety of activity is determined.
In order to advance and to create the new, it is a must to have the ability to recognize, to combine, to compare and to value. All these abilities give an opportunity to any generation to inherit, to preserve, to develop and to transfer the universal and national values
The lessons of Fine Arts, Design, Sculpture and Computer Design are carried out in a studio system thanks to the devotion and efforts of skilled Painter-Pedagogues.
The core objective of the Educational Complex is to educate a literate, comprehensively developed and
patriot citizen.