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Participating Artists

  • Sona Abgarian (Armenia)
  • Arevik Arevshatian (Armenia)
  • Narine Aramian (Armenia)
  • Sonia Balassanian (USA/Armenia)
  • Ursula Biemann & Angela Sanders (Switzerland)
  • Lusine Davidian (Armenia)
  • Heriknaz Galstian (Armenia)
  • Diana Hakobian (Armenia)
  • Sanja Ivekovic (Croatia)
  • Kai Kaljo (Estonia)
  • Karine Matsakian (Armenia)
  • Astghik Melkonian (Armenia)
  • Anetta Mona Chisa (Armenia)
  • Anush Ter Taulian (USA/Armenia)
  • Cristina Ohimer (Germany)
  • Irena Pascali (Macedonia)
  • Tanja Vergles and Maja Pucl (Slovenia)
  • Maja Kosir and Martina Guiliatti  (Slovenia)
  • Natasa and Katja Skusek (Slovenia)
  • Narine Zolian (Armenia)
  • Tanja Vergles & Maja Pucl (video Art)

What does 8 of March provide as a concept for the Armenian Society?

Do we only have one day per year for rising issues and fight for women’s rights? In Armenia, 8 March is considered as the women’s day and has another connotation, Armenian women expect to get presents and flowers from men and be appreciated as females.

  We urge women to remember the background and history of International Women’s Day, which shows that the Armenian version is actually celebrated against the original intention of this day. By remembering ist history, we want to declare the new 8 of March!

Curator:   Eva Khachatrian

March 8 – 26,       2005