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New Talent Project

Alex Tarverdi
I want to show the black and the darkness, hidden under the mask. This is a game from the real world. I am very impressed by the computer games. There, I feel good.
In Alex’s photographs there are images of light and dark, the comprehensible and not comprehensible, which require peculiar perception. An enigmatic and puzzle approach.

Arpenik Muradyan

I can draw anytime, I only need paper and pen, the venue does not matter. I am not interested who is standing next to me. When I draw, I do not even notice them. I start and finish the painting by the pen. I do not make sketches. I have “problem” with symmetry.
Patiently and thoughtfully created works of proportionate forms. Paintings lead to a world full of illusory labyrinths, where you feel elated.

Lilit Markosian
I paint whatever my inner world tells me. I often draw on small pieces of paper. These are small commandments.
Daring and simultaneously very attentive of every single line. Paintings of spontaneous and free lines. Big tale made of small colored papers

Svetlana Khachatryan
I love colors very much. When painting I first try to feel it on my own skin. I need to be totally honest to be able to paint. However, it does not always happen. And if it does not happen I do not paint. These are paintings done on the basis of sensitivities. My canvases are my inner world. A person of bright and quiet nature. She is distinctly aware of what she wants to draw, and directly passes the shades sensed and taken from life to the canvas:.

Tenny Adamian
I master the art of computer graphics, but I still enjoy drawing by hand, more. I have chosen graphics for expressing my intimate feelings. For me it is important that the thought and the idea are mine.
If you can do better, then you do not need to do the inferior work. A convinced and meticulous personality, endowed by closely worked out discipline. The exhibition contains her graphic and photographic works.

Vardan G. Astvatsatryan
I have inherited love of photography from my grandfather. I remember that he photographed for us by very old cameras and printed them in a dark room. I too started photographing by a very old camera. For me photography is a hobby. Architecture helped me to further sharpen the frames and make aesthetically intelligent photographs.
Photographs of hidden corners of our city from an architect’s viewpoint. Interesting combination of compositions and color arrays.

Curator: Arpa Hacopian