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Man takes off to the nature. In reality it is an escape from the daily routine, from monotony of personal life, rather than comfort. Escape, which assumes return to some kind of previous condition, to the “bosom of mother”, to “paradise”, a place where man plans to be more “childish, more immediate, unpredictable, rebellious, free, natural”.
On can not assume that the weekender subconsciously or semiconsciously dose not realize this. He tries to perform the part of being “natural” and “free”, as naturally and freely as he can. But this means that during his weekend retreat, he does not even try to be “as he is”. To the contrary, his intention is to be as someone else, to change for someone else, to make himself/herself charming. At that instance he resembles a coquettish lady, making herself up in front of the mirror. The nature turns into a mirror, in front of which the person tries to fit himself with attributes of “being natural” and “free spirited”. The reflected face, however, is temporary, and vanishes as soon as he steps away from the mirror. The weekender passionately needs a witness, who observes and records the love story of falling in love with the self.
Later, at home, or at the workplace, he will timeandagain show his photographs, admired by his artistic talent of acting “natural” and “free”

Curator – Herman Avagian