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“Vulva”, a one-part drama

The performance of “Bad Theatre”.

Woman, sex, sexual problems, maturity, violence and Vulva…

Millions of children worldwide are exposed to violent methods of upbringing, persecution, and sexual abuse.

The violence against children doesn’t tend to decrease in Armenia, and due to the depth of poverty, they purchase new manifestations.

What impact could it have on the child’s maturity and development as a personality in future?

Cast: Tathev Taryan, Ani Khitapszyan
The author of the play։ Michael Atasoonts
Staging: Michael Atasoonts
Painter and costumes designer: Revmal
Music: Mozart, Zhu, Clann etc.

Duration: 1 hour.
Location: NPAK, Yerevan, Buzand 1/3

Special thanks to #NPAK for supporting and providing space for rehearsals.

Attention, in the performance are scenes of smoking , violence, uncensored expressions.

P.s Not recommended for those with honor 

Language: Armenian with Russian subtitles