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Blood circulation is a closed system. Blood transfusion is the process of transferring either whole blood or blood products, such as erythrocytes, plasma, etc.,into recipient’s blood circulation system.

Contemporary art is hard to comprehend. It requires special knowledge and comprehension. For this reason artists and art enthusiasts are often identified as one entity occupying the contemporary art. In this instance, art is unresponsive to the broad layers of society.
“Transfusion-Alternative” is an attempt to communicate or to meet with contemporaries. It denies the idea of art being an object tor exhibition; something to be viewed as a social act, reality, accident, communication, and perhaps even a catastrophe. It is the act of communicating, pursuing or meeting the person.
That is why the institutional space of NPAK will be only a place for collecting facts of artistic works.
Various public or private urban spaces can serve as venues for artistic initiatives. The question is, how to deal with modern man by means of contemporary art?
“Transfusion-Alternative” is also an act of following development of situations, perhaps incidents, transformations, and influences through artistic communication.

Susan Amujanyan, Curator