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We are all connected with the field vibration – a transformation of consciousness ocurring in the majority of people simultaneously. These changes are greatly charged with an impulse (no matter good or bad) – we all empower each other for the need of survival. As a result everything I do now is amplified by the fact, that an enormous amount of people also think of how to move forward at the same moment. We are all looking for a solution now. Our shared vulnerability becomes a moving force to any form of self-expression, any emotion, even beauty. It is a process of convergence of two opposite poles by oscillation. Between deconstructive sarcasm and sacral sentimentality. Between chaos and the power of silent tranquility. And this “between” does not contain contradistinction.

It is not a choice of one of the two poles, but a swinging pendulum between them including both. Not a conflict, but a conflux. It is a dualism of naivety and complexity, the feeling of anxiety and soothing calmness. It is a common to everyone urge for oscillation, for transformation, the sense of instability and attraction of the opposites.

It is not a contradistinction, but an acceptance of ambivalence and contradictions. What is the purpose of such connection? To acknowledge that any phenomenon is dialectical, bifacial, that everything is woven of poles, that a single thing may be an object of strength and weakness at the same time.