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Project by:
Hazel Antaramian-Hofman

A Stream of Light: Repatriation to Post-WWII Soviet Armenia.

It is an art and ethnographic exhibition of photographs and archival documents in commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the Great Nerkaght, and the people who made the fateful journey.

Using the historical backdrop of the repatriation, the exhibition photographs tell the story in a display of cloth and string, that of sails and clotheslines, revealing stories about the lives of diaspora Armenians living under the shadow of Mount Ararat.

The exhibition is curated by Yerevan-born Hazel Antaramian Hofman, a daughter of two repatriates from France and the United States.

The exhibition is the first to display the response of an artist whose identity is disconcertingly meshed to her historical identity under the umbrella of the repatriation.