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Very often in my childhood, sick and tired of the school and lessons, I used to take out the photographs of my parents’ and their friends’ parties from the shelf. I was inspecting them for hours, each time trying to find something new. The people in the images seemed very joyous and carefree, with the clothes and hairstyles reminding of the characters of hard to find Western European movies. The world of “adults’” appeared so ideal. And it seemed that one needs only to graduate from the school (so awful for many of us) in order to join the people in the photographs, to become a part of them. But the unpredictable hung over our generation…
Sometimes I think that we will never graduate from that damned “school”, and those carefree images will become real only in our dreams.


Solo Exhibitions
2009 “Soviet Party”, ACCEA Yerevan
2009 “Civil War”, Gallery Annarumma 404, Napoly, Italy
2008 “Magical Associations”, Galleria Loft Arte, Valdagno, Italy
2006 “Magical Associations” ACCEA, Yerevan

Group Exhibitions
2009 “Public Space” project, stencil graffiti series together with Garik Yengibaryan, Yerevan
2009 “UND PLATFORM”, Polly-Gallery,Karlsruhe, Germany
2008 “Resistance”, Mkhitar Sebastaci Educational Complex, Yerevan
2008 “Portrait between modernism and innovation”, ACCEA, Yerevan
2008 “Empty signs”, ACCEA, Yerevan
2007 “A work behind the wall”, Modern Art Museum, Yerevan
2007 “Non standard № 2”, Charents Museum, Yerevan
2007 “Yerevan crisis”, ACCEA, Yerevan
2007 “La notte è bianca”, Galleria Loft Arte, Italy
2006 “Caucasian Shepard-Dog”, Political art action, Zoological Garden, Yerevan
2006 “Don’t be scared”, ACCEA, Yerevan
2006 “Free as never”, ACCEA, Yerevan

* since 2007 founding-member of the “ART-Laboratory” NGO