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Participating Artists

Sona Abgarian

Narine Aramian

Sonia Balassanian

Diana Hakobian

Amber Rose Kandarian

Shushan Petrossian

Johanna Reich

Nicoletta Stalder


Narine Zolian


In Armenia there are expressions (words) which people either do not utter or speak them caution. Among these words is feminism, international, freedom, equality, etc. Besides trying not to speak these words, when hearing them some seem not to understand their real meaning. At this time I am interested in the faith of word feminism. Here these terms entered into circulation since the very first years of the Soviet Armenia. The few good phenomena, which existed in the Soviet Union either did not arrive in Armenia at all, or arrived late.

Citizens of Soviet Armenia, even at the cost of legal consequences always tried to remainnationalistic and celebrated the International Women’s Day in their own way, often obscuring  the wisdom of the holiday.

Primary goal of this exhibition is reintroduction of the real intent of ‘’March 8’’, and its proper celebration. The capacity of art in influencing public opinion is undeniable. So is the absence of sufficient inclusion of women in society.

Curated by Eva Khachatrian

March 8-31, 2006