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What is the man losing and what is he starting to search for even if belated. It is not for granted, but it is a fact that all of us have lost something, somewhere. We have such a feeling. From time-to-time we are active, passive and then again… “Remnants of the Soviet”, “Under the Same Sun”, “Kond” and “Stopped Moment” titles have an aura of search deep inside. Something has been lost untimely; be it energy, the Soviet, or a moment… Search and find it. Establish Your real world, where You, Yourself, will feel good.
Curator. Arpa Hacopian

Author: Ashkhen Davtyan-Pirate
I have stopped the moment, but you can try to get inside it and feel its pace. That is, to enter in its real time, to break away from the world of information and join the source of the energy, where you, as a micro-body of the universe, will feel prospects of your boundlessness and most real pleasure.
Author: Armen Hacopian Tamrazian(Armenion)
Aesthetic value of the remnants of the Soviet period.
Author:Berta Martirosyan
All of us live under the same sun, but each of us has different energy, different thinking and different outlook… Our eyes are similar, but not our views. There is no world around us, everything is inside you.
Author: Edo Soghoyan
Information preserved in the streets of the “Kond” neighborhood about its residents.