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For about ten years founders of urbanlab Yerevan have been contemplating on problems of Kond, one of the oldest neighborhoods perching in the center of Yerevan. A series of more extensive research has been carried out in the last two years, to shed light on the peculiarities of the neighborhood and to answer one very important question: what makes Kond valuable. The future will show the results of the research and possible solutions for urban planning problems, as well as the resident’s right of dwelling in a healthy environment.

urbanlab Yerevan: Sevada Petrossian, Sarhat Petrosyan, Anna Aktaryan, Ani Arzumanyan, Ara Keuroghlian, Lia Sorrenian
Guest performers: Laureline Koenig, Marcus Beuter

Kond is a malleable fragment. Historic changes are hidden in every crevice. Every entrance is spontaneous yet calculated. Layers of architectural additions- juxtaposing the community’s preserved culture. Time becomes opaque and you are on your own…