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At a group exhibition born of cooperation between six students of Medialab and ACCEA/NPAK, each artist has tried to question cultural realities, phenomena and components.

It is culture, which determines the standards to which the space, time, society and the individual, who is in constant communication with these elements, need to adhere. In result of such communication, perception of forms of communication between body and mind are standardized and predetermined.

Also, such perceptions and associations of phenomena and concepts are dictated, which do not allow anything contrary to predeterminations of the consumer culture: The floor should be conceived as “floor”, red as a color, Yerevan as a city without any problems, man as a standard, standard as the sole acceptable category, advertisement as creator and disseminator of aesthetics…

Artists participating at the exhibition propose their own form of conception of components of culture, which is intended to change the aesthetics, the acceptable, the popular, the social, the consumer, the cultural visions and conceptions.

Art is being geared to become the only means of exhibiting the failed dialogue with culture.