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Play It 

 Can art still shake us?
We live in an era, where forms of art have been mixed together. The question, then, becomes whether present day artist is contemporary or not? Is he able to create, while living in today’s “tolerable” reality? Many of the artists are in an existential vacuum. They are tired or bored … They have ceased working…
I remembered Marcel Duchamp’s following statement: “I do not believe in art, but I believe in artists”.
Yes. Today artist can shake. What happens in the world, is that present day absurd reality creates more and more opportunities and conditions for creating impressive works.

play with courage
play free
play with confidence
play it

Curator: Tereza Davtyan

 Presentation #2

This exhibition and its two curatorial points of view are, first of all, an attempt to share concerns and interests. During the discussion how do two curators understand that there is a subject matter with which both want to work?…..In spite of the differences in approaches, they succeed in creating a format which excites them both.

It is not our texts which create the exhibition. Rather, it is the exhibition which creates their possibility. The exhibition is a desire to extract works we like and value from the storage of the Art Center. This provides opportunity to think about curatorial experiences. To try to revisit the structure of your own trade. To resist present day popular “professional” curatorial practices, whereby the curator creates the artist, interferes with all phases of his work, and from very beginning uses him as a sterile material…

In any case, the avant-garde is legitimate and is already called “contemporary art.” it has its own rules, and, as probabilities of injection of capital increase, the modes of operation deepen.

Since at this exhibition the factor of injection of capital has been minimized, we try to console ourselves with the illusion that we can be beyond all of that. That we not only can package the artist, we can be his supporter, friend and assistant.

Presented works are from storage (archives) of ACCEA/NPAK. Works, which are superior. Their relation with the curator or the institution is as horizontal as possible. And as much as NPAK is instrumental in their creation, they are instrumental in creation of NPAK. Here curating is a parallel process. These works, are as much coordinated (in curatorial sense) as they are unique and distinct. They are independent from the first curator, the second curator, as well as one-another. But, Curators and the artists are interconnected by mutual arrangement, confidence and sympathy, and do not attempt to speculate with each other.

Curator; Gor Yengoyan


Tigran Khachatryan
Diana Hakobyan
Dmitri Sarkisov
Sona Abgaryan
Davit Kareyan
Farhad Moshiri & Shirin Alibardi
Irina Abjanadze

The artworks are selected from NPAK’s archive