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This project is aimed at reminding us about the importance of nude life drawing, as a basis and a pillar of the creative process. Regardless of the artist’s stylistic preference, “nue” is primarily about the dialogue between the nude and the observer. The artist starts to dismantle at the beginning, then assembles the body piece by piece, studying the muscles and bones in detail, he seems to be practicing, mastering all that, he is free in his creative choice.
The exhibition presents work by artists from different backgrounds, who come together around the same subject – the nude.
From their first inexperienced versions, to the pieces that have already been polished, the artists stand in front of you with their work, naked and bare.

Author of the text, Art critic Tatevik Hambardzumyan

Translation: Svetlana Khachatryan

Curator: Emma Dilanyan

07 March – 29 March

NPAK, 2024