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Noise drakht by SPEED_TV is an international audiovisual festival dedicated to experimental electronic music, live performances, and visual art. This time, it will be held within the walls of the Armenian Center for Contemporary Experimental Art: NPAK in Yerevan. Live performances by four musical projects, accompanied by two VJs, will be presented for your attention

  • Ruido is an experimental improvisational band focused on unique performances—where “each one becomes a rehearsal of the next.” The band utilizes modular synths, cassette loops, and distorted vocals to create musical patterns in real-time inviting the audience to participate in an immersive musical experience.

  • n y s t a g m u s is a sound artist, relentless experimenter, and explorer of obscure sonic phenomena from Yerevan. Known for employing field recordings and self-built devices, his work revolves around preserving the authenticity of street and acoustic noises while delving into the timbre and psychological aspects of sound.

  • solo.operator is a multi-instrumental improvisational one-man band. Utilizing live-recorded samples and loops of saxophone, drums, and effects, solo.operator constructs polyrhythmic, algorithm-generated compositions with respect to postmodern practices such as chaotic feedbacks, repeating and distorting, spontaneity, and recursive self-referencing.

  • droog_dealer works in the genres of experimental, deconstructed club, and industrial bass. He will present a rhythmic and dynamic live program, conveying his perception of a fractured reality by showcasing inconsistencies in arrangements, sudden jumps in dynamics, nervous energy, and the imitation of worn-out mechanisms.

9 March at 19:00

Entrance 2000AMD


NPAK, 2023