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 The 28th Annual festival of Alternative Art brings together works by 39 international and Armenia based artists. The starting point for the project is the work of Zabel Essayan, one of the most significant women of letters in Armenian literature of the beginning of the 20th century and prominent activist. Her literary and social heritage reveals a crucial question for many artists of our times: how does the artist divide themselves between the desire and need to create and their role and duty towards society? How can a romantic gesture become political?
The exhibition includes both existing and specially created paintings, photography, installations, videos, and performances.

Ekaterina Shcherbakova


  • Alex Louloudis
  • Amassia Niziblian
  • Andrey Rylov and Maxim Mezentsev
  • anastasia karkot*ska and aleksandr kosykh
  • Anna Lepner
  • Aram Zurabyan
  • Arman Ohanyan
  • Gabrielle Thomassian
  • Darya Cherdyntseva
  • Daria Goncharova
  • Darya Fasihi Jumel
  • Delphine Chapuis‐Schmitz
  • Dianna Butaeva
  • Dyrka Pamyati
  • Dimitri Mallet
  • Emma Dusong
  • Teresa Leung
  • Ine Sergeyan
  • Iwona Rozbiewska
  • Laura Khachatryan
  • Louis Verret
  • Javier Estupiñán
  • Manushak Barseghyan
  • Mariam Aleksanyan
  • Maria Zakaryan
  • Mila Nishatova
  • Yasmina Benabderrahmane
  • Narek Barseghyan
  • Negar Tahsili Fahadan
  • Veronika Zhuravleva
  • Palad‘d’a Bashurova
  • Sergio Verastegui
  • Cecilia Granara
  • Simionidi Elizaveta
  • Silvana Chobanyan
  • Claire Der hovannessian
  • Chloe Silbano
  • Finn Arshavir
  • Francois Maurin
CSO (Contemporary Sound Orchestra)
MIABAN: Sound and New Media Art performance by “MIABAN” artist-run initiative from Armenia.
Within the framework of the festival NPAK will host performances, concerts, art-talks, theatrical readings, workshops, public lectures on Zapel Yessayan’s literary heritage, workshops.

Free admission.
Main Sponsor:
  • YEREVAN Municipality


  • Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports of the Republic of Armenia
  • Institute of France in Armenia
  • Women’s Fund Armenia
  • SEB Fund


  • Van Ardi Wines
  • Ijevan Wine-Brandy Factory
The festival is included in ”Francophonie
2024” events.

NPAK, 2024