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mee…. in front of you

Sarah Kretschmer includes in her video works and installations her multilayered experiences and ways of thinking. There are no rigid structures and therefore no “rigid interpretation” – she always wants to leave all possibilities open to the viewer – Even the possibility of defined rejection…
… even if the surface may often appear smooth, she shows very personal moments and demonstrates her clear feminist stance: the strength of the human being, unseen by gender, religion, origin, and opportunity prerequisite. Photography and cinematic works are not alone in this – much is presented in word works – by defragmenting words, tearing down thoughts in texts and images that emerge from words.
The exhibition shown in NPAK gives a small overview of this.
The video work “ME:IS NATURE” deals with the climate question and the role of the woman – who forms, moves, bends and rises… and has to find herself in order to create a consciousness – and is always aware: ME:that means: I – am not a part of nature – I myself am (also) NATURE (performed -with special thanks, to this great woman!!! – by Cassandra Rühmling / Salzburg)

Opening 30 August 19:00

NPAK, 2023