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   The director of performance Arman Khachatryan took three chapters from novel of M.A.Bulgakov ‘Master and Margarita’ – ‘The Flight’, ‘Satan’s Rout’, ‘Time to go’ (‘Полёт’, ‘Великий бал у сатаны’, ‘Пора, пора’) – this chapters dedicated to main female character Margarita ( because Master is always being Master even in Africa) . The endless space of Bulgakov’s text give an opportunity for creators of perfomance together with audience to think about this point of life when human loose his inside voice , which was leading him from the childhood , voice like a lighthouse of existence . But who is the owner of this voice ? Is body is a prison of soul ? Is it possible to have freedom through the communication ? 


  • Arman Khachatryan
  • Kirill Schenderov


  • Anton Chernyshov


  • Vasilisa Tepliakova


NPAK, 2023