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Before the 6th edition of Luminous Frames international festival, which will take place on May 1-5. 2024, NPAK is pleased to review the best films of the 4th edition of the festival.

Luminous Frames is an international film and photography festival, with seasonal events and live screenings with an annual awards ceremony in Denmark. 

Luminous Frames is the home of independent short films and aims to help filmmakers make their work more known by screening selected films in different countries, and to give art-loving watchers the pleasure of watching different films․

For the past years the festival hosted a number of successful short films that have been nominated for Oscars and Golden Globes. 

From now on, every Thursday at 20:00 there is a screening of short films at the NPAK.

The films are translated into Armenian and English.

Entrance: 1000 AMD