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CURE – III (Black) – Live Performance

‘CURE’ is a series of multimedial healing ritual performances whose intention is to detoxify negativity from her own body through audiovisual art mediums that attempt energy circulation in time and space. This project has been presented in Portugal, Spain, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and now Armenia. The ‘CURE’ black edition is specially dedicated to the spirits of avant-garde, noise music, and experimental art that brings us newness but is otherwise sometimes ugly or unpleasant.

Jena Jang (South Korea / Czech Republic)

Jena Jang is a Korean audiovisual artist based in Prague, Czech Republic. She studied animation and visual art and is now pursuing a doctorate degree in time-based media at the University of Jan Evangelista in Ústí nad Labem. Her research, The Contemporary Art of Healing (2019–), has been presented in performing arts forms and at academic conferences in the fields of shamanism, spirituality, performing arts, and esotericism. She has a great interest in multi-sensory synchronization so she often composes her own sound and creates videos together as a set and uses them as the stage setting for her performances.

22 Avril at 19:00

NPAK, 2023