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I speak to you,
Don’t you listen to?
The voices have been increased (too much)
They don’t allow me to be heard.

The images (copied, copied)
Don’t allow me to reborn,
They took away your time for reading me.

The exhibition is an attempt to read and to make listen to images, voices, which are not visible, are oblivious hidden because of some privileged agendas. An oblivion that may be disguised on purpose, camouflaged because maybe it is dangerous. However, they have emerged on walls of busy streets in faraway cities; they’ve emerged on such buildings which are both a reason of squeezing those sounds and an obstacle for those images’ visibility. Anyway, those images and voices have found a place in “museum” to be represented, to speak, to be spread (as fast as gossips), to show the danger from being disguised and to propose their own agenda.
Increasing militarization which gives privilege to masculinity for the sake of its own survival, silences such voices and images, humiliates the feminine or ignores the necessity or the right of its existence.
For keeping its own privileged position militarization with the help of patriarchy creates a bunch of tools giving “natural” templates to women; stereotypes like “a good citizen”, “a hero’s mother”, “a pure daughter” and “a self-sacrificing sister” that are reproduced and approved through cis-men’s toasts, by any type of media, through our conversations and relationships. Apart from these, other identities are not “legal” because they can question the patriarchal system and be a threat for the continuity of militarization.

 I speak to you, you don’t listen