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“Hercules and the Augean Stables”             F. “Dürrenmatt

This radio drama is a political comedy about one of the regions of Greece, Elis. A country that has passed its glory time and is now littered with manure. The country’s president Augeas and the Grand National Assembly decide to change this situation and clean up the country. They call upon the famous demigod Hercules for help. He accepts this dirty job only because he is up to his ears in debt. He gets down to business right away, but it’s not so easy when the Elis’s don’t know what they really want, are afraid of change, and can’t focus on what’s most important to their nation.
Gayane Balyan, Nune Danielyan, Tigran Aleksanyan, Gegham Sukiasyan and Kostya Melikyan
Costume and stage designer: Albert Grigoryan
Sound by: Tigran Aleksanyan
Poster design by Armine Shahbazyan
Director: Nanor Petrosyan
The project was implemented with the support of the Embassy of Switzerland in Armenia.
The creative team would like to thank NPAK for this cooperation.