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 ՛՛The model of the car is legible only in case of having a logo. The machine and its creator seems to be heading towards the form and content crisis hand in hand. A technically equipped person loses his soul. And the “plastic operated” car acquires a soul, because it looks like its owner to a frightening degree. Perhaps it is not accidental that the representatives of the old school, before starting the car engine, talked to the latter, giving them different nicknames: ՛՛jeyran, deer, maral՛՛, etc.
It seems intuitively understanding that a car’s organism is so close to our organism that we need to give it a soul, to talk. And he will listen. And so they were outlining the globalization crisis, comfortably and vapidly.՛՛

Edgar Amroyan, 2022
 Edgar Amroyan, curator within the framework of the 26th Annual Festival of Alternative Art, offers a new direction of thinking, invites to present the result of reflections through the work of art.

Participating Artists

  • Rexy Tseng 
  • Amir Zakaria
  • Augusto Poderosi
  • Anna Smetanenko
  •  Pawel Pacholec 
  • Albert Merino 
  • Aris Koutoulogenis 
  • Twinkle Banerjee
  • Allison Tanenhaus & Doug Bielmeier  
  • Alyag Malkhassian
  • Irena Paskali
  • Jean-Michel Rolland
  • Adeline Charneau
  • Arpa Hacopian
  • Hripsime Ghazanchyan
  • Vahe Mnatsakanyan
  • Mariam Aleksanyan
  • Stella Grigoryan
  • Hatik
  • Mariam Arami
  • Aram Zurabyan
  • Hakob Balayan
  • Edgar Grigoryan
  • Ruzan Petrosyan
  • Margarita Ghazaryan
  • Qristine Muradyan
  • Kateryna Bortsova
  • Denys Shantar

Curated by Egdar Amroyan


NPAK 2023