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Artist; Lilit Ispiryan  

solo exhibition

“Features, Seals, Products” project is an expanded development of Lilit Ispityan’s “Product of NPAK” wok, presented at the “Space/Alternative/What for?” event held at NPAK in 2017, as a result of which Arts Council of NPAK invited her to present a major solo exhibition in 2018..
In this project, Lilit takes stereotyped and rigid manifestations of art around her, and by a reflective method re-introduces them, in her words, as symptom. The “Product of NPAK” was a label cast by her art school teacher manifesting his symptomatic attitude towards contemporary art, prevalent at our society in general.
Lilit had turned this expression into a seal and had requested NPAK to provide her an official document certifying that she is a “Product of NPAK”, thus turning her teachers negative gesture into a positive one.
In the context of “Features, Seals, Products” project, besides dealing with the symptom the artist presents a more expanded picture. She proposes a commencing a dialogue on social networks on internal symptoms of consumer culture, the historic avant-garde, even the contemporary art. Artist’s method is reflexive and to a certain extent sarcastic. Simultaneous with presenting these symptoms she transforms them into works of art.

Gor Yengoyan
Project Coordinator

The seal is used as a phased ultimatum issued by the public on surrounding phenomena.
The seal is, in a sense, the result of the aspirations of the society to create the final truths. Such aspirations create these ultimatums.The seal is revisable. It happens when a new seal is placed at the same place. .An attempt is made to present art within the confines of public sealing process. It basically examines the affiliation of a person’s artistic perceptions.

09-24 March

NPAK, 2018