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The project was designed to record the story of a country that suffered devastating war and was in search of the new «restoration» scenarios.

 Primarily this is an outsider’ look – photographer and the journalist – on our current reality. Although the «Journal» contains traditional topics: «Yerevan», «Culture» and «Sport», you cannot but notice that Dmitry Belyakov prefers more acute social themes with focus on tragic and sensitive for our people issues. This is the inquisitive look of an outsider, who imprinted fragments of our present. This is collection of works that may sound differently – beautiful and shocking scary, but all united by one tormented country. This is the look of Dmitry Belyakov.

 Belyakov was born in 1970 in Vologda region. He covered the Second Chechen War, worked in the Donbas, Syria, Nagorny Karabakh, other hostile environment areas. For his work in Beslan in 2005, Belyakov was awarded the Overseas Press Club of America (OPC Award). Dmitry still considers the Beslan photo series to be the most essential work in entire career.

Since 1997, Belyakov has been published in The Sunday Times Magazine, Stern, Der Spiegel, The Russian Reporter, The Wall Street Journal, American Photo Magazine, The New York Times, GEO, Paris Match, The National Geographic Magazine, Forbes and other world outlets.

 Photo exhibition

26.09.22 – 15.10.22