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The “De-coding” exhibition is the second exhibition featuring the participation of the staff from the Armenian Center for Contemporary Experimental Art NPAK. The exhibition aims to reveal the forms and means of communication that have been developed within the team. The participants present the topic of communication in their own way, rethinking the linguistic approach of considering verbal and non-verbal communication as a code and attempting to decode personal and universal issues.

Pain, disaster, silence, speech, betrayal, attachment, and politics become not only topics of communication but also reveal the nature of communication, forming dialogues with oneself, relatives, the universe, and life.

Thus, the works of art presented at the exhibition are connected by one common thread: to decode and maximally understand what our subconscious and consciousness convey to us in the informational and communicative noise, to be honest in dialogues, and to be open to receiving codes from others.

Curated by the NPAK team


  • Aram Zurabyan

  • Bela Pogosian

  • Arevik Aleksanyan
  • Susanna Abrahamyan
  • Namor Votilav

  • Mariam Aleksanyan

  • Vardan Harutyunyan

  • Silvana Chobanyan


31.05 – 29.06

NPAK, 2024