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Digital Fermentation of the Moving Image

Curator’s introduction

Using works from the CYLAND video archive and new films by wellknown and young artists, this program examines several aspects of analog and digital fermentation of the moving image. By fermentation, we mean the introduction of a certain reactive element to an artwork, which changes the very “fabric” of the moving image, its structure, and accordingly the message too.

The program includes artistic experiments to shift the boundaries of perception of physical and virtual reality, studying the inhuman and human using new digital technologies.

From the first analogue films of underground directors working with 16mm celluloid film cameras in Petersburg in the 1990s to the works of present-day artists with their arsenal of digital camera, computer editing techniques and media genres accessible for transformation, including found and archive celluloid films, 3D animation and placement in the Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 Internet environment.  — Victoria Ilyushkina

12.10.2022, 19:00 

Video Program Part 1 

Sonia Balassanian (Armenia)

Andrius Venclova (Russia)

Boris Kazakov (Russia)

Polina Komyagina (Croatia)

Konstantin MiTenev (Switzerland)

Lidiya Rikker (Russia)

Anya Tsyrlina (Switzerland)

19.10.2022, 19:00

Video Program Part 2

Alek Borisov (Russia)

Ksenia Galkina (Russia)

Elena Demi-dova, Maxim Kalmykov (Russia)

Victoria Ilyushkina (Russia)

Alexandra Lerman (USA)

Lilia Li-Mi-Yan, Katherina Sadovsky (Russia)

Alena Tereshko (Russia), Antti Kukkonen (Finland)

Silvana Chobanyan, Aram Zurabyan (Armenia)

Aizek (Georgia)

Pole-Fromage (France)

Rinatto L’bank (Kazakhstan)